Well Servicing

Cummins Well Servicing Solutions.
Cummins engines for well servicing are the toughest in the industry – more than ready to meet every challenge of your blending, cementing, fracturing and workover applications. Specialized aggressive ratings are available on many of our engine models.
Power For Every Shale Frac.
Extracting natural gas from shale formations successfully and safely requires the right products and technology.
Multiple-stage frac jobs require hundreds of trucks and thousands of horsepower with the utmost in dependability. Cummins high-horsepower QSK60, QSK50, QST30 and QSK23 engines are designed for the high loads and high hours it takes to complete a frac job. These engines range from 760 hp to 3000 hp, and are in use today in the most demanding and tightest shale plays in North America, including Barnett, Haynesville, Fayetteville, Horn River and Marcellus, along with other shale plays throughout the world.