Designed specifically for the oil and gas market, the G5.9 and GTA5.9 deliver exceptional dependability and low cost of operation in wellhead compression and artificial lift applications. The G5.9 is naturally aspirated for power and responsiveness, with multiple ratings to tailor performance to meet application and environmental needs. The GTA5.9 includes turbocharged aspiration for added power and altitude capability.
Standard Features And Benefits.
Base Engine – Most major components, including the block, crank, cam, gears, water pumps and liners, are common with the well-proven B Series diesel engine,
with over 20 years of dependable service in a wide range of industrial applications. Natural gas-specific heads and cylinders are designed for optimal air and fuel flow and combustion. Both the G5.9 and the GTA5.9 have a factory warranty of 1 year/unlimited hours.
Flywheel and flywheel housing – The flywheel is machined from cast iron, and includes provisions for 10.0" and 11.5" overcenter clutches. The flywheel housing is SAE #3 machined to accommodate starter mounting. An SAE #2 option is also available.
Power Take-Off (PTO) – A two-groove front pulley is standard for driving the compressor cooler fan. 
Fuel system – An IMPCO® carburetor provides stable operation and fuel tracking across a range of fuel qualities and through all load ranges.
Speed control – A belt-driven governor provides adjustable speed and stable control under all load
conditions. Electronic governor options are available.
Ignition system – A capacitive discharge ignition module delivers dependable spark performance and easy
timing adjustment. Easily accessible spark plug location and a single coil per cylinder improve serviceability.
Starting system – The standard system features a robust Delco Remy® 39MT 24-volt starter with an SAE #3 mounting flange. 
Electrical system – Includes a 24-volt alternator.