Features and Benefits
Engine Design – Rugged in-line six cylinder designed for heavy duty applications. Replaceable wet cylinder liners offer longer life and lower rebuild cost. Individual,
four valve design cylinder heads for improved economy and performance. Gallery cooled pistons for maximum durability
Fuel System – Dependable Cummins PT fuel system can be operated mechanically or with CENTRY electronics for precise engine fueling. Step Timing Control (STC) allows for smooth engine acceleration under load. Premium fuel injectors utilize ceramic components for increased durability
Cooling System – Keel cooled or engine mounted heat exchanger system available. Spin-on Cummins water treatment filters for protection against cooling system corrosion
Exhaust System – Water cooled exhaust manifold reduces emissions and cools engine surface temperature
Air System – Top mounted Cummins turbocharger with vertical or horizontal elbow, optimized for marine applications. Marine grade air cleaner with air inlet restriction indicator. Low temperature aftercooler available on the KTA19-M4 for increased efficiency.
Cast iron water cooled exhaust manifold