Cummins new QSB3.3 doesn’t just contradict conventional thinking about compact power – it rewrites the rules. The QSB3.3 delivers up to 110 horsepower (82 kW) in a much smaller and lighter package than any 4.0- to 4.5-liter engine. Plus, it has the inherent durability you’ve come to expect from larger Cummins engines.

With the QSB3.3, you get premium performance spanning the 80-110 hp (60-82 kW) range from a highly compact, economical engine. It combines the proven reliability of the B3.3 with the performanceenhancing capability of Cummins Quantum System electronic controls and a High Pressure Common Rail fuel system. Features such as auto-derate engine protection, rapid diagnostics, easier cold starts and faster load acceptance bring significant operating benefits. Just as important, the engine retains the fuel efficiency and minimal service requirements of the B3.3, offering the same low operating costs.

Not only does the QSB3.3 meet Tier 3/Stage IIIA emissions, it also sets new standards of engine sociability with exceptionally low noise and vibration. Cummins advanced in-cylinder combustion eliminates the need for complicated emissions solutions – and it is robust enough to operate safely on fuel with high sulfur content anywhere in the world.