Underground Mining Engines

Cummins mining engines are designed to deliver exceptional dependability, reliability and productivityfor your site. Our products are designed specifically
to fit underground equipment profiles, with easy maintenance access and extended service intervals.

Our priority is to make sure that every Cummins engine meets or exceeds the world’s toughest standards, to keep your operation as clean, and
your cost-per-ton as low, as possible.
Our underground mining engines continue to support our leadership in all types of mining equipment so you get the exact power you need with the exact
ventilation rate that your mine requires. From the naturally aspirated 49-hp (37 kW) QSF2.8 to the turbocharged and aftercooled 760-hp (567 kW) QSK19, Cummins engines are capable of meeting performance and emissions requirements for your underground mine. Many of our engines are certified by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
and CanmetMINING.
Many leading underground mining equipment manufacturers specify powerful, compact Cummins engines in everything from dusters and rock breakers to personnel transports, roof bolters, drills, trucks and loaders.
Whether you’re mining salt, coal, diamonds or silver, you can depend on Cummins engines to keep your operation running efficiently and cleanly.