Natural Gas Engines For Truck And Bus.

Cummins provides 5.9 -11.9 litre heavy duty natural gas engines to the global market. Engines are manufactured by Cummins, with aftermarket support provided by the global Cummins distributor and dealer network. The powerful Cummins 8.3 litre C Gas Plus has the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class and is offered in many of the world’s finest buses and trucks. Building on the rugged, reliable design of Cummins diesel engines, the Cummins C Gas Plus engine is an 8.3 litre, six-cylinder Lean-Burn Spark-Ignited (LBSI) natural gas vehicle engine that delivers from 187 to 209 kW (250-280 hp) with ultra-low emissions. It provides excellent torque, high fuel efficiency and reliable, robust performance, with excellent ratings for both medium-duty and refuse collection truck and bus applications. The C Gas Plus is known for easier maintenance and longer service with extreme reliability and durability. Service intervals are similar to the base diesel engine. Since it was introduced in 2001, more than 5,500 of these clean natural gas engines have powered transit fleets, medium-duty trucks and refuse collection vehicles in cities throughout the world. The C Gas Plus Electronic Control Module (ECM) allows engine performance to be tailored to fit the vehicle mission with road speed governing and cruise control, as well as an engine protection system and complete self-diagnostics.